Sunday, April 5, 2015

This Love

The love that takes my breath away first took away His so many years ago.
The love that raises my hands in adoration first pierced His in sacrifice.
The love that makes me free first nailed Him to His place.
Because He was broken, I can be made whole.
Because He wept in suffering, I can cry tears of joy.
Because He laid in His grave for 3 days, my soul doesn't EVER have to lay in mine.
I am free, I am free.
By His imprisonment I have been made free.
And oh, I am unworthy, but to Him my soul cries out He is worthy. He is worthy.
He is worthy!!!
As I contemplate the trade that was made for such a broken soul as I,
My body kneels, my eyes close, and my hands raise.
Longing just to bring Him even the smallest fraction of His worthy praise...
My heart cries Holy.
Because He rose from His grave, one day my soul will rise from mine.
And I long, and I long, and there are no words.
My heart cries Holy.